Women in Leadership

Why is the change resulting from having more women in positions of power not proportional to the increase in the number of women in positions of power? “The women’s movement has achieved a critical mass in many African countries, but this needs to translate into influence.”

Isis-WICCE celebrates 40 years

This year, Isis-WICCE celebrated 40years of existence in amplifying women's voices and power. (From Left: The 1st Secretary, Norwegian Embassy in Uganda Mr.


During the 2009 Isis-WICCE medical intervention in Liberia, Dr Jallah Wilhemina, then working with the JF Kennedy Hospital in Monrovia, joined the Isis-WICCE medical team which subsequent medical intervention reached out to over 1000 women and men.


….Because of Isis-WICCE’s work and support, I have been appointed in several leadership positions within the government of South Sudan.


The institute helped me to embark on the journey of transformation. It equipped me with practical skills of documenting cases of different forms of violence against women and analysing them with feminist lenses.

The King's commitment

Isis-WICCE's peace exposition is an annual event for women peace activists and decision makers to focus on addressing an issue exposed via Isis-WICCE's research on women in post-conflict settings.

The medical camp

Isis-WICCE organises medical camps to provide free medical services including surgery for women survivors living with reproductive health complications such as fistula. The smiling young girl is one of the hundreds of women who received a new lease on life at an Isis-WICCE medical camp in 2011.

The International Peace Exposition

Isis-WICCE's peace exposition is an annual event for women peace activists and decision makers to focus on addressing an issue exposed via Isis-WICCE's research on women in post-conflict settings.

Supporting women's groups

Isis-WICCE supports women's groups involved in post conflict recovery interventions. In 2011, Isis-WICCE gave 20 bicycles to one such group to help spread awareness on government development programs in different sub-counties.

The international exchange institute

Isis-WICCE provides women leaders with opportunities to learn from each others' experiences of conflict and peace building and develops their skills. Ms. Yaliwe Clarke (Isis-WICCE board member) shared feminist responses to conflict with women leaders during the International Exchange Institute

Standing in solidarity

The Women's Movement in Uganda is diverse in its membership and strong in its resolve to promote the rights of women. Isis-WICCE participated in the women's peace march in 2011. At the march, Isis-WICCE's Executive Director, Ms. Ruth Ojiambo Ochieng (2nd from right) looked on as Ms.

Research & Documentation

Isis-WICCE trains women leaders like Zoromina (left), to litsen attentively and pay close attention as they accurately research and document women's realities and experiences of conflict.

Global engagement of policy makers

Isis-WICCE amplifies the voices of women survivors often presenting their testimonies before decision makers at relevant conferences. In 2011, Isis-WICCE presented women survivors' testimonies to the African Union Peace and Security Council.
William Hague (centre), Joined byJohn Kelly of the US and Angelina Jolie at the London Conference
Isis-WICCE's Feminist Institute 2013 / 14 is now happening in Bangkok, Thailand. Follow the daily hiighlights and find out more about the event.
In this issue, we look at the aspect of participation. What does it mean to participate and what does participation in peace building mean for women

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